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An agro-marketplace based on the Ukrainian digital blockchain platform, where any farms can place their pre-orders for the supply of future agricultural products, and their consumers will have the opportunity to register such pre-orders with legal guarantees and an easy assignment of rights under them.

Everything is legal, fast and simple.

The key idea is to create a special information resource for Ukrainian farmers based on a decentralized information platform

What is next?

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We will be able to register and successfully execute pre-order agreements without any advance payments using services and instruments of the distributed ledger of such a decentralized information platform.

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Information on the supply and demand for farm products is fed into the blockchain platform in real time and is automatically registered there.

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An additional bonus for farmers and consumers of their products is the absence of intermediaries and media costs in this chain, which affects the final price of goods.

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In fact, an agrobon is a novelty in establishing direct business relations and a more reliable guarantee of meeting the obligations assumed by two (or more) parties.

Agrobon Concept

The main goal of Agrobon is to create and implement a software solution that simplifies and speeds up the conclusion of agreements between farmers (agricultural suppliers) and buyers of agricultural products. We do this by using the Bitbon System, a decentralized social network of economic relations based on the distributed ledger technology (blockchain), and tokenization mechanisms.

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How it differs from any other agricultural marketplace

An agrobon as a backed tokenized asset is generated only by participants — buyers and agro-sellers — for instant and simple registration and 24/7 confirmation of transactions in the One Space online service on the Bitbon System blockchain platform.

The agrobon is not a “core” or part of any payment system (private or public) and it cannot be one whatsoever. The agrobon is a type of digital transaction identifier. That is why it is not subject to any special financial or banking laws, which means that it can be utilized in any country to register agreements in the agricultural sector .

Focus on the customer

Only users generate their agrobons, not the platform owner. Only customers manage their agrobons.


Our development is a sectoral (agro) part of the large-scale One Space service within an efficient decentralized information platform and its digital ecosystem, where more than 70 thousand participants from various countries have already been registered since 2018.

Universality for traditional law

The pre-order is based on a public offer for the future product supply, which is recorded in the information platform and registered in the distributed ledger, which guarantees its safety and integrity.
It also guarantees applicability in any country, such as the European Union and Turkey.


Environmental friendliness of the "AGROBON" business model

The «Agrobon» project offers multiple solutions and tools that can help solve vital environmental and economic issues while meeting requirements for working with the agricultural markets of the European Union and all developed countries:

1.   Ecology, "carbon footprint" and certificates of origin of agricultural products

2.  Fostering European cooperation with foreign markets and strengthening economic ties in Europe
3.  Global scalability of the project and introduction of new functions for traditional banking in digital commerce
4.  Brand new global digital commerce platform without international currency transactions

Special mission for the recovery of Ukraine

We expect the agrobon to play a special role in accelerating the post-war recovery of Ukraine and its modernization. Using the agrobon, any Ukrainian farmer, even in war-affected regions, will be able to face the future with greater confidence (financial planning, forward sales/purchases, and industry market analysis).

Why now?

Time for change

We are living in an era of dramatic changes. Starting with digital transformation and including changes in the global geopolitical and financial landscape. What used to seem impossible and challenging is now becoming simple and essential.

Digital technology gives the answer

Applied blockchain solutions give answers and open new opportunities: simpler, cheaper, more convenient, and fairer for participants.

The agricultural sector is an ideal environment for such innovations

The agricultural sector and agro-processing are one of the most promising industries in the world, in Europe, and in the post-war economy of Ukraine. One of the main tasks for the optimization of the agricultural economy is to organize work based on sales plans for the output.

Sounds convincing?
If so, we have an offer for farmers!

We want to help optimize the product inventory during cultivation, storage, and sale on a pre-order basis using the distributed ledger technology (blockchain) and potentially simplify your interaction with the bank when it comes to replenishing your working capital (crop loan).

Benefits of agrobon for users:

For farmers, it is a fast, convenient, and reliable way to conclude agreements to order their products with a 100 percent payment guarantee upon fulfillment of their obligations under the agreement; to reduce their losses due to commercial risks (unfavorable price, lack of demand, etc.).

For the state, it is tax revenues from private farmers directly upon the transaction with the identified parties.

For buyers of agricultural products, it is an opportunity to:

a) quickly and conveniently search the bulletin board and place a pre-order for the supply of agricultural products with the ability to unilaterally transfer legal rights under such orders to third parties (assignment);

b) eliminate intermediaries and save time searching for and confirming the parties.

First and foremost, we guarantee user benefits through simplicity, 24/7 security, and access to enter and read any data. The financial benefit will be secondary after a detailed comparison of this method with other analogs, but it will be perceived as very likely.

Agrobon stands for reliability, safety and speed

How does it work?

In terms of technology, it is based on the ready-made One Space web app (launched in early 2022, the mobile version is expected in mid-2023) designed specifically for the secure exchange of property rights in the digital environment and e-commerce.

  1. All transactions are carried out through the interface of the ready-made One Space app.

  2. A comprehensive solution based on a global decentralized system of blockchain ledgers, smart contracts, and conventional escrow accounts. This is necessary to ensure payment for the order and guarantee its safety until the farm fulfills its obligations to produce and possibly deliver the product.

  3. The consumer has the right to unilaterally assign their right to order to other users of the marketplace.

  4. Legal guarantees: this is a standard commercial/civil agreement concluded in a secure digital environment, which fully complies with the current legislation of Ukraine.

  5. Do I have to pay for it? You may have to pay for: a) placing an order; b) the assignment of rights to an order (minimum % of the contract amount).

How can I participate?

It is very easy! You just need to register on One Space.

Any farmer or agro-trader who is under working capital constraints and requires guarantees of selling their products at a reasonable price can do this, especially during the war and post-war period, in particular, during the 2023 spring sowing campaign.

Agrobon’s strategy and global ecosystem of useful blockchain services:

  • The first agrobons are considered to be a “prelude”. A prelude means a free introduction before the main part of a piece of music. However, there will be a full-fledged “symphony” with many participants and new services inside.

  • We intend to take a creative and responsible approach to the development of this project developing the agrobon as an accounting unit of a new ecosystem for the agricultural and financial sectors in Ukraine and Europe.

  • Already in late 2023 and beyond, our team will radically expand the functionality.

The product as a prelude is expected to be rapidly launched in August 2023.

Project team

Our team strives to build a smart future for the benefit of the entire society.

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